Brass Plaques and Business Signs UK

Brass Plaques and Business Signs UK
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Brass Plaques for business made from best quality brass.

These Engraved Brass Signs can be used as Door Name Plates. Buy from our UK website today.

These Brass Plaques make an ideal Business Sign or Door Name Plate, displaying your logo, business name and contact details. Or you could fix them to a desk with your name engraved into the brass.

We can customise your Brass Plaque or Sign to your business requirements, and engrave custom fonts and shapes.

Our Brass Plaques will give your business style and sophistication.

1.2mm and 1.5mm Brass is available for your Brass Plaque or Sign. Choose from a range of popular fonts, fixing options and corner finishes, when you purchase your Brass Plaque or Sign.

And we have a range of sizes, which are measured in inches. Text is always aligned central to the plaque, unless you state otherwise.

Free Artworking is available across all our our Brass Plaques and Signs range. Unless you require us to create custom designs and custom artworking. We will let you know when you send us your details, or you can contact us on 01472 350565 and

We use Lacquered Brass that has been specially produced for us. Our Lacquered Brass Plaques will never need to be polished, will not tarnish, and will not crack or deteriorate over time.

Our Brass Plaque Engraving operation is in Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire and we deliver across the United Kingdom to businesses nationwide.

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Design and Print Payment Methods

Print Artwork and Graphic Design

When you purchase Print through our website, please send all artwork to with your order number.

All spelling and artwork must be correct when you send it to us as corrections will not be possible once it has been processed and printed. So please ensure you check your spelling and artwork thoroughly before sending it to us.

We have a range of templates available for artwork development. Contact us for details on 01472 350565 or email

If you require print artwork and design by us, please call 01472 350565 or email for a quotation.

Paper and Card Stock and Weights

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated Paper has a rougher and more textured feel than paper that has a coating applied to it. It has a natural feel and tends to be more porous. This makes it very absorbent. Anything printed on uncoated paper will have a softer and less crisp feel. It is ideal for producing print material where writing on the paper might be required.

Silk Paper

Silk Paper has a soft feel and a fabric type feel. It is considered luxurious to touch and is ideal for a premium finish. Silk Paper is somewhere in-between matte and gloss in look and feel and is ideal if you want your print to have vibrant colours.

Paper Thickness and Weights

Papers and Cards have different thicknesses and weights that are measured in grams or GSM. Generally a lower number such as 100Gsm is a thin paper. On the other hand a higher number such as 450Gsm is a thicker and more sturdy card. So something like a 250Gsm or 300Gsm paper or card will give you a medium thickness.

Print finishing options explained


Matte Lamination

Matte Lamination will provide a soft look and a velvety feel, and will produce lower contrast on darker colours. Matte Laminated Business Cards have an elegant and sophisticated finish, and are pleasant to handle.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss Lamination will provide a shiny and reflective finish, ideal for grabbing attention. It will make colours appear richer and gives the impression of a higher quality and more expensive finish.

Soft Touch Lamination

Soft Touch Lamination will provide a premium feel, and offers a soft velvet-like protective matt texture. Soft Touch Lamination is sometimes referred to as Cellotouch.

Silk Lamination

Silk Lamination is brushed plastic, and fits somewhere between matt and gloss lamination. The lamination reflects light much the same as silk. The laminates are brushed plastic, giving the effect of a silky and smooth texture.

UV Gloss

UV or Ultraviolet coating is a very shiny and glossy coating that can be applied to printed paper or card surfaces, providing a very glossy finish to the whole card or paper or to selective areas.

Scodix or Digital Embossing

Scodix, which is also sometimes referred to as Digital Embossing, produces a high build UV finish to selective areas of your print. It is ideal for use on card and will give a high level textured feel to the areas where it is applied.

Scodix is ideal for use on logos or images with hard lines that you may want to pick out and give a raised ink effect.


Drilling is the process of creating round holes in paper or card using specialised machinery able to bore through stacks of paper with a rotating bit.


Cornering is the process of creating rounded corners on printed card. This is ideal for items such as business cards or postcards.


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    Design and Print Payment Methods
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